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Air today, gone tomorrow | Event recording

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

On 27th July 2020, we ran an online event to inform the public debate around air monitoring of asbestos in the UK.

The event centred around the fact that countries like France utilise the latest technology available and inspect buildings periodically for asbestos, after a Government mandate based on scientific studies.

The UK does not utilise the latest technology, nor does it have a mandated periodic inspection of buildings, which leads to a failure to properly assess the risk posed by airborne asbestos fibres.

The HSE needs to urgently update its guidance to ensure that people present in public buildings, and especially schools, are not being put in risk of inhaling asbestos, due to current inability to identify airborne fibres.

Speaker line-up:

  • Stephen Timms MP, Chair, Select Committee for Work and Pensions

  • David Morris MP

  • Hugo Perez, ITGA Group

  • Charles Pickles, Independent Campaigner

  • Jack Aldane, ResPublica

You can find the slides of the presentations here:

Air today, gone tomorrow Presentation Sl
Download • 2.06MB

You can view the recording below.

*Video subtitles available


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