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Asbestos continues to be a danger in workplaces – and it’s teachers who are at increased risk

£1bn school building fund must expel asbestos forever

Tory MP warns asbestos related diseases account for around 10,000 deaths per year

Boris Johnson Encouraged to rid schools and hospitals of killer asbestos in new campaign

Hundreds of schools riddled with asbestos

4th February 2020 | Jack Aldane on Shelagh Fogarty's show

Twenty years since the ban, asbestos is still a menace

Unite demands stronger asbestos legislation in wake of damning think tank report on inadequate UK regulation

UK children exposed to more asbestos than other countries - report

Hidden asbestos threat for nurses and teachers

Six million TONNES of asbestos are still in schools, hospitals and homes in the UK leaving teachers and nurses with a higher risk of deadly cancer

Asbestos still ‘serious’ threat to public heath

Children in UK exposed to more asbestos than other countries

UK asbestos regulations slammed

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