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About the campaign

Airtight on Asbestos is a campaign which aims to improve the UK's approach to the management of asbestos. Exposure to asbestos is the UK's no.1 occupational killer, responsible for more than 10,000 deaths per year - by far the highest asbestos-related death rate in the world. Despite its use having been banned in 1999, asbestos remains in many buildings across the UK including hospitals and schools.


The assumption is that asbestos is a problem belonging to our industrial past. But death rates continue to rise and there is growing evidence that white collar workers, nurses, teachers, and former pupils are being increasingly exposed to this deadly substance. Children are nine times more likely to die from asbestos exposure than adults. And many are being educated in schools riddled with the most toxic forms of asbestos.

Airtight on Asbestos succeeded in bringing these issues to the attention of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, which held an inquiry into this matter and made a number of important recommendations. Namely, a national database for asbestos records and a plan to remove asbestos from all non-domestic buildings within 40 years.


Unfortunately, the Government has, so far, failed to consider implementing the committee's recommendations.


Airtight on Asbestos will continue to work with all partners campaigning for better regulation and the safe removal of asbestos from all buildings.


We want to see:

1. A National Asbestos Database

2. A Strategic Plan for the Phased Removal of Asbestos

3. An Improved Asbestos Air-monitoring System


4. A Safe Removal Process

'Airtight on Asbestos' has been supported by the independent asbestos campaigner Charles Pickles, whom ResPublica would like to thank for his contribution

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